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Cell Tower Update 9.21.11

Sept. 21, 2011

  A plan to build an AT&T cell phone tower in Southport is quiet, but certainly not dead, an AT&T official told the News-Ledger this week.

  The company plans to build a 60-foot fake-eucalyptus tree cell tower as part of a facility on city-owned property on the southeast corner of Southport Parkway and Marshall Road. The project would require a lease from the city.

  David Tilley, senior planner for the City of West Sacramento, said that his office has seen no movement from AT&T since May, and “it’s really up to them.”

  Lane Kasselman, Director of Communications for the company, told the News-Ledger by email that his company is working on an analysis concerning some suggested terms of the project, and “we hope to have our analysis complete in the next few months and will let you know of any updates as they become available.”

  When the News-Ledger reported the project earlier this year, several residents expressed concern about the aesthetics of the tower – but others said they were eager for the tower to go in and improve their local cell coverage.

  Meanwhile, a separate Southport cell phone project is still active, said the City’s Tilley.

  That project calls for another faux-tree – this time, a “pine” on the 3200-block of Jefferson Boulevard near Tower Mart. The project is proposed by a company which develops cell towers for communications providers.

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