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ABOVE: Crews enter a sweeping turn in the course near the Agrium plant on Channel Drive. (Photos by ERIC HARDING, www.ebharding.com)

From the News-Ledger, Oct. 13, 2010 (additional photos & info included here)

River City Rowing Club hosted a regatta for hundreds of high school, college and club rowers at the Port of West Sacramento on Oct. 10 under sunny skies and fair conditions.

Racers battled the clock and each other, starting one at a time on the three-mile race course.

ABOVE: A River City Rowing Club crew exits the boathouse with an eight-person shell. The boathouse is located at "Fisherman's Point" at the port, near facilities used by the Lake Washington Sailing Club, Lake Washington Outboard Club and UC Davis Crew.

ABOVE: A River City Rowing Club "junior," or high school, team in competition at the Head of the Port regatta. In this boys' crew, the coxswain (pronounced "cox'n") can be seen in the front ("bow") of the boat at the far right, steering the boat and talking to the rowers through an electronic speaker system.