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Eric Harding is a West Sacramento resident and a freelance photographer. Many of his photos have appeared in the News-Ledger. For example, several of his shots of River City High School boys and girls basketball action appeared in our Dec. 8, 2010, edition.

Below is something a little special.

Eric used some digital photography processing techniques for some artistic, "poster-like" effects on several of his basketball photos.

Enjoy them. And to see more of Eric's work, including larger versions of these, visit www.ebharding.com.

River City's Matt Scott goes airborne against Pioneer in 2010 action. A black-and-white version of this photo and a couple of other basketball shots were published in the News-Ledger on Dec. 8.

Jordan Ligons dribbles upcourt for the River City girls varsity team.

Katie King goes for two points in a game against Pioneer High School

The River City High School junior varsity girls squad, against Casa Roble

All photos by Eric Harding

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