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Cell Tower Update 9.21.11

Cell phone towers disguised as trees are proposed for two new locations in Southport

From the News-Ledger
Jan. 5, 2011

LEFT: An existing pine-style cell phone tower in Anaheim, California, which an applicant says is similar to the one proposed for the 3200-block of Jefferson Boulevard in West Sacramento.  The site is across the street and about a block south of Tower Mart on private land.

By Steve Marschke
News-Ledger Editor

     West Sacramento residents will have a chance to say what they think about plans for a couple of “fake tree” style cell phone towers in Southport. Private parties have asked the city for permission to erect a pine-style tower on the 3200-block of Jefferson Blvd. (almost across the street from Tower Mart) and a eucalyptus-style tower at the corner of Southport Parkway and Marshall Road.

  The only other tree-style cell phone tower currently in town is a pine-style cell phone tower near Linden Road and South River Road, said David Tilley, senior planner for the City of West Sacramento.

  “That probably isn’t ‘state of the art’ anymore,” said Tilley. “It wasn’t maintained well for a while, although it looks better now.”

  A contractor working with AT&T has asked the city to lease a 30-foot by 40-foot city-owned space at the southeast corner of Southport Parkway and Marshall Road, near Bridgeway Lakes, for one of the proposed towers. They propose a “mono-eucalyptus” tree 60 feet high, with antennas up to 50 feet above ground level. The leased property is a small part of a much larger city parcel.

RIGHT: A photo-simulation of a proposed eucalyptus-style cell phone tower at the southeast corner of Southport Parkway and Marshall Road, showing nearby homes at the left. This rendering was provided to city planners by a contractor for AT&T Mobility, LLC.

  The lease is still being negotiated, said Tilley, and the proposal would need a conditional use permit from the city planning commission. Cell phone providers often make arrangements to host antennas for other providers on their towers, said Tilley, so the AT&T tower could eventually include antennas from other cell phone service providers.

  The other proposal is for a “mono-pine” on the east side of the 3200-block of Jefferson, near Tower Mart. That proposal comes from Cortel, LLC, on behalf of Vista Towers, LLC, which creates cell phone antenna towers for cell phone service providers.

  “This land is privately owned,” said Tilley, who added that his department will be soliciting community feedback about both proposals.

  “They’re going to be highly visible,” he said. “The question is, is the ‘tree’ concept really appropriate at either location. It will be much higher than anything else out there – it’s not like there will be other trees around it.”

  No public meetings are yet scheduled for either cell phone tower proposal.     

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